About Montague WebWorks

Joey, Donna, Mik, and Sean

Montague WebWorks believes that our most successful customers are those whose needs we understand best.

Working together, we listen to your needs and tailor a solution to those needs. We advise and teach as part of the process, and won't leave you in the lurch after a project is completed. We want and value your input every step of the way, and look forward to follow-up visits and a long-term relationship. In fact, we even hold free, monthy classes on the best use of your website, and how to maximize its value.

Montague WebWorks' staff are trained in the art of comprehensive web design and implementation. This includes website design, creating the general look and feel of a site, image and logo creation, and the custom application of our database-driven website engines RocketFusion and the OnePage Quickie, pushing content from the database through the design. Because we are the authors of both the software and the site design, each client's website can be reviewed and massaged to ensure the design will play well with our management system, and vice versa.

"Canned Templates" or "Fresh Design"?

Montague WebWorks uses both custom designs as well as pre-made templates for our websites.

Some customers desire a custom-made design for their website, something that is specific for their business or organization, and we accomodate them with our designers who will work with the client on the design until it's just right.

However, the vast majority of our customers prefer to utilize one of the dozens of free, pre-made website templates available in our library. These website layout templates are created by world-class graphic designers using the latest web standards, with an eye towards all platforms in use today: desktop / laptop / tablet / and mobile smartphone. All of the designs are simple, clean, and don't distract from what is most important about a website: the customer's content and information.

Using a pre-made template saves you many hundreds of dollars, and shortens the turn-around time by several weeks. Many of the pre-made template-based websites we have created took a week or less to create and "go live." Some were done in just a couple days! It all depends on how much information you want to start with, and how complicated you want your design to be.

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