On May 15, 1861 Massachusetts Governor Andrew received permission from Secretary Seward to raise six regiments to answer President Lincoln's call for a half million troops for three years service. The existing Massachusetts 10th Militia, supplanted with new recruits, answered the call.

I am Beth Sidel. I have been teaching young children since 1992. While I am licensed to take children of all ages, I have decided to gear my home for preschoolers. You will often times hear me refer to my home as a school. I love that I can offer a school program in a home environment. It gives children the best of both worlds.

Our collective consciousness is bombarded daily by a barrage of mind-numbing propaganda about the economy and the field of economics. Marketing campaigns and populist politicians are the major culprits, but pop artists, sports stars, and attention-starved celebrities also generate a lot of "economics-lite." This assault on our sensibilities has been amplified by social media.

The purpose of the Foundation for Educational Excellence, a nonprofit organization, is to promote educational enrichment, foster community awareness and encourage individual and corporate involvement in the educational life of the Pioneer Valley Regional School District.

The foundational philosophy of the Franklin County Technical School is that all students are capable of academic and technical skills. All students can grow intellectually, socially, ethically and physically.

Giving Tree School is a nonprofit educational organization that has been providing programs for young children since 1976.

Children’s conflicts over toys, space, and friendships create many challenges for teachers and parents. You Can’t Come To My Birthday Party! Conflict Resolution With Young Children, by Betsy Evans, presents an effective six-step mediation process that adults can use to support young children at these tense and emotional times.


Malmo, Sweden

Camilla Gisslow

In order for us to feel whole and for us to be our best and to give our best, we need to feel accepted, respected, safe, needed and loved for those we are. Everyone should have a chance to build a strong self-esteem and integrity. It creates a positive flow that affects not only the individual himself but everyone around them. This is where I come in! I can help you find the positive flow that you just need to create changes. You as an individual, your business or organization.

We offer professional training to the residents of Franklin and Hampshire Counties in Western Massachusetts in firearms instruction. This training includes but is not limited to handgun, shotguns, chemical sprays and other defensive options.