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MWW Website Tips and SEO Tricks December 2014


Welcome to the first annual Montague WebWorks “Website Tips and Tricks, and Customer Directory.”

This book is meant to serve two purposes. First, it is a field guide for simple things you can do as a website owner to increase your knowledge of websites and the Internet in general, and improve your success with effective techniques to market your business. If you are a RocketFusion customer, we have included some extra help for you with some specific instructions.

Second, this is a directory of our customers, all small businesses, most of which are located in the Pioneer Valley. All 200+ customers will have received a copy of this book, as well as the 400 attendees of the 2014 Franklin County Chamber holiday breakfast. It is our hope that you will use this book to not only help your own business, web-wise, but also use it as your go-to local business guide.

Why a printed book, coming from an Internet-based company? We feel that as small business owners and employees, it is in our collective best interest to promote our customers when someone we know is looking for a reference. This is something we do at MWW every day, and this book is just another way to help. Plus, it’s pretty cool to have this information at your fingertips, right on your desk.

Additionally, in my travels and conversations with my customers, I’ve found that many of them just don’t understand how the Internet works and what an important tool it is for small businesses. To have a successful website, you don’t necessarily need to know all the technical details, but it’s beneficial to understand a bit about the inner workings and how it all ties together.

For me, this book represents a long journey that began in 1992 when I created my first website. After moving to Montague from NYC in 1999, I created so I could meet my neighbors. Shortly thereafter I got a job at UMass in the IT Dept. During that time, I did small customer sites on the side, and then struck out on my own in 2004. I created Montague WebWorks with Patrick Davis in 2007. MWW is now at 200+ customers, and growing fast!

And to that point, I guess this directory gives me the opportunity to highlight the multiple and diverse customers we serve. We are proud to work with our customers, and know they chose us because we’re not some faceless company with a call center in India.

Business is growing at Montague WebWorks, and this book is also a heartfelt thank you to all my customers over the years. As we grow, we will continue to do our very best to serve you well in the creation and hosting of your business website. We will also do our best to seek ways of cross-promoting your business through the leverage of our growing network of customers and involvement in the community at large.

Mik MullerWe’re all in this together, after all.

—Mik Muller, owner,
Montague WebWorks