RocketFusion Bootstrap Templates

RocketFusion Bootstrap Templates

The method by which websites are made has changed in many ways since 1995. Back in those days there were no phones, no tablets, and very few laptops. Thus, there was no worry about how the website displayed on different devices, because they were all about the same size.

And then the web world changed. In 2007 Apple introduced the iPhone and the iPod Touch. These were the world's first truly mobile web devices... and the screen was SUPER tiny. This meant that pretty much every website out there looked terrible and was almost unusable on a mobile phone.

Many tricks were employed to deal with the size issue, including creating a completely separate website just for mobile devices. By 2010 the term "responsive web design" was coined to encompass the art of building website templates that would dynamically "respond" to the size of the physical display the site was being viewed upon. The same web code should display beautifully on huge monitors, as well as tiny cell phones.

Bootstrap Wins Best "Mobile-Friendly"

Several open-source technologies have been created to solve that problem, and in May of 2015 Montague WebWorks decided to adapt Bootstrap as the template framework of choice. Every website we design now uses Bootstrap.

Montague WebWorks has also been building up our template library. Below, you will find a list of those templates. All are customizable. Please tell us which template you'd like to use, and we'll get you going!

Posted: Fri, May 4, 2018 12:29 PM
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