Family Shopper Coupon Books are coming!

Don’t miss your chance to get in this great book.

For years I've been buying the Lions Club Family Shopper Coupon Book, but somehow I never thought to get my business listed. Yes, you have to give away something free, or at a discount, but it is worth it. And that shows, because the same people who were listed last year will get themselves listed again this year. This will be the 32nd year of the Greenfield edition!

How Does It Work?

Call up Jim Price at 800-395-5174 and ask to be listed in his book.

He's got two, actually: One for the Greenfield / Franklin County MA area; and one for the Monadnock / Keene NH area. Each book costs $45 to the customer who buys the book. Getting listed is FREE. The books are printed in September and sell out within a month. Coupons typically expire the following July 31st, though some can go longer if specified.

There are two kinds of coupons in each book:

  • Free coupons, where no purchase is required
  • Buy one get one free coupons, where a purchase is required

Jim will meet with you at your place of business, or wherever you'd like to meet him, and go over what kind of products or services will work in the book. The exact language of the coupon will be laid out, and a contract is drawn up. Again, it costs nothing to get listed in the book.

Why Should You Get Listed?

Any amout of exposure is good for your business. This is advertising. It brings customers in. Everyone loves to get something free, and most people will return if they like what you have.

Give away a free slice of pizza, or a free donut. Are you a contractor or insurance agent or some other service professional? Give away a free 30-minute consultation, with a 10% discount on services if hired.

Worried that people will stampede into your business and ruin you? Really? Well, it hasen't happened yet to any customers in the book. Poeple buy it for different things. Not everyone has a car. Not everyone eats pizza. Not everyone is looking for insurance or car work.

The real value is getting the name of your business out there. Customers always flip through the book to see what's in there. If they see your name, even if they don't use your services, they still saw your name, and it cost you NOTHING.

What do you have to lose?