Short Run of MWW Tips & Tricks Book

Montague WebWorks will print 250 copies of its little black book to give to all new customers through December

The plan was to print a new copy of our little black book every year in December. Well, this past November and December was very busy for us, and we just couldn't fit the book into the schedule.

But, we still like to have them on hand to give out to new customers, so we're printing a short-run reprint of the December 2015 book, with only five ads in it instead of twenty. That's where you come in.

Do you want to have a display ad in this special edition version of the annual book?

It will have the same articles as the previous edition, with a couple new ones, and the current complete list of our customers, which already includes you. And only five display ads, which will be spread throughout the book. You'll get a copy, of course, and the rest will be handed out to new customers during 2017.

We will print the next edition this coming December, 2107, and plan to have at least 1000 copies made, splitting the print cost up amongt the advertisers. We will cap the number of ads at 20 for that book, which will be larger than any edition we'll have made to date.

Let us know what you think. We'd love to have the book ready by mid-February.



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