Montague WebWorks Upgrades Functionality on WebWorks Lite

Powerful new features for WWL clients

Happy New Year, dear WebWorks Lite customer;

We hope the holiday season was a successful one for you. Montague Webworks has been busy the past few months, updating and solidifying the WebWorks Lite platform.  This is good news for you!

Every WebWorks Lite customer has been upgraded to the very latest version of the software, which includes more feature-rich image gallery features, as well as "previous" and "next" icons so your visitors can easily navigate to the next and previous images within an image category. No longer will they have to go back to the main image gallery page or category page to find the next image.

We have also beefed up the Contact Management page, allowing you to import email addresses from your existing databases, spreadsheets, or email program, and to organize your contact into separate lists, right on the site. You can now use your WebWorks Lite site as your main communication tool to get in touch with all your customers!

The News feature has been upgraded as well to allow you to send an HTML-email to any of the lists you have created in the Contact Manager. Your customers will now see your actual news item page in their inbox, and all the navigation will work right there in their email program.

As we said above, all WebWorks Lite customers have been upgraded to this latest version, which includes these features. They are included free as part of your annual hosting fee.

Other new features we''ve recently added to the WWL platform:

(1) We''ve added a new File Area function page. This provides to you the ability to upload and list Microsoft DOC, XLS, and PPT files, as well as Adobe PDF files, each with an associated icon indicating the file type. Very smart looking, and incredibly easy to use and manage.

In addition to the file types mentioned above, the Files Area function page also supports MP3 audio files, and automatically embeds an MP3 player right on the page for visitors to listen to. This is a great feature for musicians to provide samples of their songs, as well as professionals or service organizations to offer audio discussions or lectures.

(2) Due to multiple requests we have also added an Online Calendar. Site administrators can now add items to a dynamic online calendar to inform their customers / constituents about events happening.

These two new features, File Areas and Online Calendar are very inexpensive to add on to your site:

  • File Areas: $125. Includes DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF and MP3 files
  • Online Calendar: $150. Includes iCal syncing.
  • Special package: both features for $250.

Please contact if you are interested in having these modules enabled on your website.

Coming in the next few weeks: 

(a) integration!  You will now be able to choose between PayPal and for your e-commerce needs.

(b) Automated Video Embedding, hosted by YouTube or Google or Yahoo video.

(c) Member Logins, which will allow you to add private website content viewable only by those in your Contact Manager that have been granted access.

(d) Sub-pages, allowing you to have drop-down sub navigation.  If you have a minimal amount of space alloted for navigation, you can now gather like-topical pages under a single page and have a drop-down appear for those pages in your main site navigation.

All good news!

We hope your holidays went well, and wish everyone a healthy and happy new year.


Patrick, and Mik