Hire Mik for Advanced Website Assistance

Buy Bear Country certificates at 50% off to have Mik come to you and help fix your vexing website problems

Dear Montague WebWorks / RocketFusion Customer,

As some of you may know, I have a weekly show on Bear Country FM Radio. Every Tuesday morning at 7:50 you can hear me and Kevin Collins banter about the "Montague WebWorks Website of the Week."

Well, part of the deal at Bear Country is that I can offer certificates for services at a 30% off discount in exchange for air-time advertising. Here's how it works:

Any new or existing customer can buy these certificates valued at $100 for only $70. In exchange I get $70 worth of on-air ads on the radio station, and the customer gets $100 worth of service from Montague WebWorks. As good as cash.

It's a pretty good deal for everyone.

And the deal just got better!

Well, good news! Bear Country is having a sale for the next two weeks. They're holding a 50% off certificates sale, so certificates are only $50 each. That's a very good deal!

It's such a great deal, in fact, that I am willing to offer a special deal to all customers using the RocketFusion software. Read on...

Need extra help on your website?

  • Are you in need of some advanced help on your website? With either the template / layout file (the outer wrapper of your website) or info on how to do some tricky stuff with the Photo Gallery and PayPal, or creating a new Form, or editing some pages and want fancy graphic or photo layouts?
  • Is there something you've been wanting to do with your site but you just don't know how and you haven't been able to make it to the WebWorks University classes? Or maybe you prefer a private tutoring situation?
  • Or maybe there's a couple of features you'd like to have built in to the software, such as extra fields in the Contact Us form, or some other deeper modification to the RocketFusion software.
  • Perhaps you've been editing the text on your website for a while and feel that it no longer has that certain panache that it had when the site was first created, and you need help cleaning it up, or rewriting some of the text so it reads better.
  • Or maybe your business is about to change and you need a new domain name and a major website modification to make the website look new, but it's really the same website, using both domains.

Well, you can hire me to have a one-on-one session, just you and me, at a location convenient to us both. We will get whatever you need done. Typically it will take only an hour, but perhaps you should take advantage of the sale and buy two, just in case it takes longer than an hour. If we only meet for an hour then you can use the extra certificate for another session another time.


Want to start up another website?

Some of you are happy with your current website and are considering starting up another business, or have another business that you've been meaning to set up another website for. You should call me, get a quote, and then buy the appropriate number of certificates. Even if you won't be ready for another six months, now is the time to buy since the price is so low. Essentially you're getting a new website for half-price!

What about my hosting bill?

Some of you have an upcoming hosting bill. Montague WebWorks generally doesn't accept certificates for hosting, but because of this sale I'm willing to accept certificates for one year of hosting. If you're interested in doing this, please call me first to discuss the details. Some of you could save $90 on hosting this year. Others may save $80. Call me for details. (413) 320-5336.

Hurry! The sale is only two short weeks!

So, if this intrigues you, just go to the Bear Country Certificates Store and buy one or more certificates. There is no expiration on my offer (you could buy them today and use them in a year) but the SALE ends in two weeks, Sunday, March 31st, and there's only twenty certificates up for sale. With nearly 150 RocketFusion customers, some of whom may want to buy two or three certificates, these will probably go very fast.

So, as they say on TV -- ACT NOW! -- Buy some certificates.

Thanks, and hope to see you soon, either in person or at a future WebWorks University class.

Mik Muller, owner
Montague WebWorks