New RocketFusion Features!

Getting new contact info quickly

We are busy as beavers over here at Montague WebWorks, cranking out a bunch of new websites for local clients in the 413 and 978, including Jonathan Ginzberg Acupuncture in Northampton, Enchanted Creations by Melanie in Northfield, Keepin' It Local in Athol, Equestrian Therapy in Holyoke, Henshaw Farms and Well Drilling in West Chesterfield, and Kelly Flaherty Art in Shelburne Falls, after having just completed,,,, and

In between creating new websites, Montague WebWorks' owner Mik Muller also continually debugs and improves the RocketFusion software based on user feedback. Here's one new one..

Getting Text Messages

Some clients called to complain that they don't always get the email from their Contact Us form when a potential customer fills it out. This is not because the MWW mailservers aren't doing their job, it's because there is so much spam out there that the major email hosts, such as Hotmail and AOL, sometimes go overboard in their anti-spam efforts. So, although we can prove that the emails you were supposed to get did in fact get delivered to Hotmail, we cannot do anything about what happens to the email once it is in their hands. If they think it's spam, you will never see it, and there's little we can do about it.

So, the solution is to provide a second avenue for you to be alerted.

And to that end, Montague WebWorks has introduced a new SMS gateway for the Contact module. You simply go to the Admin > Control Panel, click SMS in the left column, enter in your phone number (numbers only, ie; 4133205336) and select your service provider, ie; AT&T, Verizon, etc.

That's it! From that point on, every time someone fills out your Contact Us form, you will *also* get a text with their name, phone, email address, and comments. You can touch the phone number (if they provide one) to call them, or their email address (if you have a smart phone) to email them back.

In the future we will add more capabilities to this feature, including allowing for more fields to be included, and links back to the admin module if you have a smart phone.