Housing is a Human Right

Local Groups Host Online Forum to Address Issue

Over the spring of 2021, local residents are encouraged to participate in an online forum tackling the issue of homelessness. Planned by members of Greening Greenfield and Franklin County Continuing the Political Revolution, this ongoing conversation is slated to take place between late March through the end of May. The forum will feature workshops on problems and solutions to the homeless crisis.

According to the organizers: "Housing in the US has become a commodity only available to the highest bidders—whether that be buyers or renters. Those who do not meet the financial challenge become homeless and are treated as if their situation is a personal failing, not the result of systemic issues designed to accommodate those with the resources. We believe that this system must change."

The event kicks off with a keynote panel on March 27th.

Montague WebWorks was honored to work with Susan Worgaftik and Sarah Brown-Anson to develop an event website for this project. We encourage you to get involved in being part of the solution!