Page Sections in Newsletters!

MWW brings you beautiful emails from your News, Calendar and other Pages on your RocketFusion website

Montague WebWorks customers have been asking for years for the ability to add additional content to their News page articles, which they can then send out by Email -- something approaching what a Constant Contact or MailChimp email might look like -- and last week we hit the first plateau on our never-ending climb to improved capabilities.

Using the new-ish Page Sections workflow, which allows you to add photos to text, position them either left right or center, and add background colors and padding, you can now create nice looking News pages and simply Share them to a Contact List. Early tests from active MWW customers have shown success, and much happiness.

Later this week we will post a short How To training video. In the mean time, you can take a closer gander at this email you are reading now.

To start off, you need to start adding Page Sections to your pages...

Creating a New Page Section

Add New Section

pop up of create new page section

Page Sections are created by clicking the green Add New Section at the bottom of any page on your site, including regular pages, news pages, calendar pages, etc.

You will get a pop-up with four tabs across the top: Module Content, Static Text, External Content, and HTML Code. For the purposes of this article, we'll focus on Static Content.

The main type of Static Content is a "Text Image", which means you can enter in text and have an image associated with it, such as this Page Section you are reading right now. Just enter in a title for your section and some initial text and then click the red Add Static button.

You will be dropped back to your page with the new content highlighted in yellow. At this point you can do the following:

  • Click the red Edit This Text button to continue editing the text
  • Click the Add Image button or drag an image onto that button to upload the image for this Page Section
  • Click the red Modify This Section button to get a pop-up with a myriad plethora of options for this section, sorted into three tabs
    • Display: provides the ability to change the title, hide the title, align the title, add a background color, change the margins and padding, etc.
    • Image: allows you to align the image; change the width; make it round; provide a caption and the ADA-required "alternatve text"; or delete the image
    • Other: allows you to add a Read More button, including setting the link URL and the text on the button. You can also set whether the section will employ animation to render it on the page.

You should play with these settings until you get the section to look just right. Then, add another one!