MWW Has Moved To A New Email Server!

Montague WebWorks expands email service offerings

For the past several months we have been planning when to upgrade our email server.

The email server software we use, SmarterMail, has gone through several major upgrades since we last upgraded a year ago, and so we planned to at least upgrade to the latest software version.

However, with the growth we've been experiencing the past few months, we recognize that our old email server may becoming inadequate to the task, especially since the email service runs on the same server as our database service. So, we decided to also migrate the email service to new hardware while we were at it.

We chose email server hosting experts the Cloud Mail Store, in Michigan. They have very fast connections to the Internet, and very fast servers in rack rooms straight out of the future.

That upgrade happened Wednesday, December 10th.

At that time we shut down the email service, backed up all the files, then moved everything to our new server in the new facility. The server was offline for about three hours while we moved all the files (13.2GB of email... 30,750 individual files) and re-pointed the server IP numbers, and did all the follow-up clean-up that happens when you make a major move such as this. The software upgrade happened the following evening, Thursday, December 11th.

Assisting us with the server migration was Linda Pagillo, from Mail's Best Friend. We hired them as our email server consultants a while back, and as always, they did a fantastic job.

What's new with these upgrades?

Well, version 11 of SmarterMail had several web interface issues, including a lack of support for FireFox and Internet Explorer as well as the iPad, and other issues. The upgrade will rectify all that. Read more about the software features.

The hardware we moved to is much faster, has 50x the amount of storage, and is the only service running on the machine. No more sharing with our database service.

This will enable us to serve even more email customers lightening fast email on a rock-solid platform, maintained by a company that serves hundreds of thousands of other customers.

And, by the way, when I say the new server is fast, I mean it's FAAAAAAAAAST.

We are excited about this upgrade, and look forward to better serving your email needs in the future.


Mik Muller, owner
Montague WebWorks