Second Annual MWW Web Tips & Tricks

We’re printing up the second edition of our small spiral-bound book filled with website advice, marketing tips, and listing all our customers! And it’s FREE!

We're printing up our spiral-bound book, MWW Web Tips & Tricks, which will include many articles with all kinds of great information from the brains of Mik and his cohorts on the subject of online marketing and website usage, and will also include a directory of all MWW customers. As long as you're up and running, you're current with your hosting, and you plan to continue being a Montague WebWorks customer in 2016... you will be in the book, for FREE.

Why a printed book? Well, it's a bit of a novelty, for sure, but we hope that everyone who gets a copy will glean something helpful from it, and that every customer who is in the book will peruse the other local businesses, and patronize them. Just keep it by your desk, or in your car.

Mostly we just want to show off, while giving every one of our customers a little marketing boost.

The Details

Every Montague WebWorks customer will get a 1/4-page classified-style listing in the book, for free.

The book will be 4.25" wide by 5.5" high, and the classified ads will run four to a page: full width, quarter height. Your listing will include your business name (in bold), street address, phone, website address, and a one-sentence (appx 20 word) description. If you have more than one website with us, we will list them each individually.

We are also selling full-page display ads in the book for $150 to help defray the cost of printing. If you want to purchase a display ad, which could include your logo, photos, etc, you should contact Mik at 413-320-5336. Display ads need to be 3.25" wide, by 4.5" high, at 300dpi, and the deadline is October 30.

Who will get copies

Every Montague WebWorks customer will get a free copy in the mail, which comes to about 250 local businesses.

We will also give out 400 copies at the Franklin County Chamber holiday breakfast, which happens on Friday, December 18th, at Deerfield Academy. Join the Chamber, hey!

We also give out a copy to every new customer we meet during the course of the year.

So, we're printing 750 copies altogether. Make sure we get your contact information right!

How to get us your information

Below we outline how each of you should get us your information. Skip down to the type of customer you are.

RocketFusion customers

We will be taking information directly from your website. Please make sure you have the following information properly filled out. You do not have to email it to us. Just make sure to update the info here:

  • Admin > Site Settings, Titlebar (on the right): text_Site_Titlebar
  • Admin > Meta Tags: description

We have your address and phone number already on file. Make sure you have the above info properly filled out on your website by October 30th.

All other customers

We will contact you directly if we don't already have the above info.


We need your information no later than Friday, October 30th, to ensure we have time to lay out the book and get everything right. The book will be printed in early December to ensure we have it in time for the Franklin County Chamber breakfast on Friday, December 18th.

You'll hear from us again in another two weeks as the deadline gets closer. Don't be afraid to call if you have questions.

This is going to be very cool!

-Mik 413-320-5336