Chief Bill Dolan, North Andover Fire Dept Testimonial

MWW is hoping to remain the FCAM web hosting company. Chief Dolan gave us a glowing review!

Wow. I am a little choked up.

In the course of doing business, we sometimes ask for referrals from our existing customers to help us gain new ones. This is the case with FCAM, the Fire Chiefs Association of Massachusetts. They want to revam their website, and have opened an RFP. Of course we responded, and with a fairly strong proposal we think.

We contacted some existing customers, asking if they would be willing to provide referrals if asked by the FCAM website committee. Bill Dolan took the proactive route and actually wrote something up and sent it to the committee. This is what he wrote. Thanks Bill!


Almost nine years ago I met Mik Muller upon a referral from Chief Dennis Annear of Orange. This meeting was the result of discussion at the FCAM Board of Directors to change our website, which at the time was a static page that displayed the officers of the Association and the upcoming meeting. This site did not allow for interaction or to query the site.

After discussing the change with the Board it was decided to go forward with Montague WebWorks as our webhost.  The cost per year then and now has been the same $600. The Association received far more in product and services [then] that amount. With the new website we were able to advertise and post job opportunities and items for sale at a cost of $50 for thirty days. These revenue resources provided in excess of $6,000 per year each to the Association.  

The website also allowed our members to ask questions of their peers and to do so to the General Membership, Just for Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs, Associate Members or retired chiefs. These responses were stored and could be queried at a later time if needed. 

The website was set up so that every district could utilize a subset of the main site as their own website at no added cost. District 14 has done this for quite some time. 

Mik Muller, the person behind the website, has always been available either by email or phone call and has responded to requests from me usually within hours. He has presented at our Professional Development Conference showing how to use the website and responding to questions from users. There have been no added costs related to these requests or his attendance at our conference. He has given his time and effort freely to promote the FCAM website.

I am not a technical person, but I am the one who works with the website most often and have found it to be one of the great resources for FCAM. When I am stuck or unable to proceed a quick call or email to Mik and I can get back on track.

Mik Muller and Montague WebWorks have been reliable, honest, cost effective, [and] responsive in all our dealings with them regarding our website.

I would request that the FCAM website committee seriously consider Mik’s past performance and cooperation in what could be more properly termed a “partnership” with FCAM in providing for our website in the past and in the future.

William V. Dolan
12 Bacon Avenue
North Andover, MA 01845