Montague WebWorks Staff

Mik Muller, president

Mik Muller MWWMontague WebWorks' president and Chief Executive Officer Mik Muller has been programming since his freshman year at high school in 1978, and creating online environments since 1993. Mik moved from New York City to Western Massachusetts in 1999 and immediately began building local community corkboard websites, as well as websites for local businesses.

In October 2007 Mik founded Montague WebWorks to develop and license his super-simple website software, RocketFusion, to small businesses in Franklin County and Hampshire County in Western Massachusetts.

Since that time, his portfolio has expanded to include municipalities, e-commerce sites, databases for small businesses and non-profits, and community forum sites.

Mik's job responsibilities include software development, website development, customer and technical support, sales, marketing and corporate strategy. Reach him at 413-320-5336.

Donna DuSell MWWDonna DuSell, business manager

Montague WebWorks' business manager and Chief Financial Officer Donna DuSell's background includes years of customer service in the restaurant business, as well as experience as a small business owner, a legislative employee, teaching, technology, and workforce development.

Donna's mission is to accomplish tasks (from loading a dishwasher to running a large grant program) in the most efficient way possible. Donna's job responsibilities include customer billing and receivables, support, relations, networking, and whatever else isn't happening in a timely fashion.

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