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Montague WebWorks uses industry-standard Rapid Application Development languages such as ColdFusion, and Microsoft SQL Server for databases. Our designers use Adobe products. For HTML markup we utilize the Bootstrap framework, enabling fully responsive websites for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Using these technologies, we wrote two website Content Management Systems: RocketFusion and our One Page Quickie. Our philosophy is "write once, use many times." Our customers benefit as we continually modify and extend our core website software programs. You will too.

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RocketFusion is a super-simple website system, intended to be used by small and medium-sized businesses. It features all the web basics such as static web pages and dynamic Image Galleries. RocketFusion also includes advanced features such as a dynamic News feature with an integrated Client Contact Manager -- perfect for e-newsletters and "monthly specials". Additional features include an online calendar, dynamic file areas, and online forms.

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One-Page Quickie

We can also set you up for cheap with a One-Page Quickie website, which includes your company name and contact information, your logo, two paragraphs of text describing what you do and where you do it, and up to three small photos.

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Of course we have clients with more sophisticated needs. You may have a custom designed site that is cumbersome to manage on your own, but you'd like to keep it while adding functionality that only our proprietary RocketFusion suite can provide.

No problem.

We'll design the site that's right for you, with price and product in mind.

We'll never tell you what you should have for a website; we'll help you define it, side by side, and make it a reality in short, efficient and affordable measure.

Please call (413) 320-5336 or email us today for a conversation, an estimate or a question. We'd love to meet you and begin a great relationship.

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