MWW Website Tips and SEO Tricks

February 2017


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Appears in: MWW Tips & Tricks Book

This is the third edition of the annual Montague WebWorks Website Tips & SEO Tricks little black book, which is also a customer directory of every MWW client. Customers of MWW get a copy for free, as do attendees of the December Holiday Breakfast by the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce. Others may purchase a copy for $10, which can be discounted from your website purchase price should you decide to hire Montague WebWorks to do your website.

This little book is meant to serve two purposes:

First, it is a field guide to help increase your knowledge of how websites work, and improve your success with effective techniques to market your business online. Do you know how your website fits into the big picture of Google and Social Media? To have a successful website, you don't necessarily need to know the technical details, but it is definitely beneficial to understand how it all ties together.

To help you market your website online, this book has a series of articles on how to use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media sites to promote your business’ website. For the most part these services are free, and don't take much time to use.

Second, this is a directory of our customers, almost all of whom are located in the Pioneer Valley. As this is a short-run version of the annual book, we are printing only 250 copies, all of which will be distributed to new customers as we meet them during the course of the year, and some other business associates.

Why a printed physical book from a web-based company? I believe in providing as much value-add as possible to all my customers. There are many options for website hosting out there, but none of those hosting companies will work as hard to help promote your business. We always refer our customers when someone we know is looking for a service, and this book is just another way to do that.

Looking for the PDF version? Here it is.

What's new at MWW since the previous edition of this book?

Well, by the time this book is in print we will have launched our long-awaited new web product, called the One Page Quickie. This will enable us to create simple yet elegant one-page websites for dirt cheap. We are targeting contractors in Franklin County, then soon Hampshire MA and southern VT and NH.

Also, we have rolled out our Open Government module for RocketFusion. This allows Towns to post their committee meetings, agendas and minutes in a structured manner allowing for granular indexing and searching. As of this writing we have it running in beta for Greenfield, Leverett and Plainfield, Massachusetts. Other Towns, such as Gill and Montague, are coming aboard soon. Perhaps yours is next?

In January of 2017, we reached 250 live RocketFusion websites. We are hoping to surpass that number in 1PQ sites by the end of this year, and are looking for sales people. Call me.

Lastly, Montague WebWorks turns ten years old this October! Yup. The big One-Oh. We think MWW turned out pretty good!

Business is growing at Montague WebWorks, and as we grow, we will continue to do our very best to provide superior service in the creation and hosting of your business website. We will also continue to cross-promote your business through the leverage of our growing network of customers and involvement in the community at large.

Mik MullerWe’re all in this together, after all.

-- Mik Muller, owner
Montague WebWorks