WebWorks University: COVID Edition

We are offering a special edition of WebWorks University, specifically for Cities and Towns we host regarding posting timely information during emergencies.

Because of social distancing, we're going to do this online using Zoom. If there's enough interest we'll set it up and email you all an invite for the most popular day and time, based on your responses, below.

If we hold the class and you intend to participate, at the very least you will need good Internet connectivity to see the video, and speakers or a headset to hear what I'm saying. If you want to ask questions by voice you will need a microphone (which may be included in your headset). Zoom also has a text chat, for those who prefer that way of interacting or don't have a mic.

Please provide your preferences. We can do this pretty much any time next week.

Class Options

Below, please select all the options and days that you are interested in.

What day of week is good for you

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Elements of Technology

Let us know what you have so we can know what to expect

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